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The modern video game is one of the most dominant cultural mediums on Earth – a multi-billion dollar industry soon to be more influential than any other.  Yet the innovators making these powerful forms of mass communication are mostly unknown within the popular culture.  That is about to change.  GAME QUEST is a 6-part documentary series that will draw back the curtain and shine a light upon the fascinating, pressure-filled world of game development – presenting an intimate look into the lives of the young, groundbreaking men and women who are its unheralded creators.  This series will be a full-access pass into the nuts and bolts, 7-day a week process of making a single video game – Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for XBLA -- from just a spawn of an idea through to the final product that will ultimately find its way into thousands of homes.  What does it take to create a high-octane, sophisticated video game based on a blazingly fast-paced winter sport such as Red Bull Crashed Ice – also known as Ice Cross Downhill?  It takes an immense level of passion, technical skill and pure artistry.  And it takes one hell of an experienced team to pull it off under a tight budget and deadline. Tune in for the first episode on January 10.

Produced by: Red Bull Media House

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Episode 1 - 10.01.2013           Episode 2 - 17.01.2013           Episode 3 - 24.01.2013

Episode 4 - 31.01.2013           Episode 5 - 07.02.2013           Episode 6 - 14.02.2013



Austria-based Bongfish develops authentic licensed action-sports video games through a proprietary game-engine that recreates the 'soul & vibe' of sports experiences. Back in 1999 Bongfish started by making a snowboarding game FLOW.game as a student project. Following this, Bongfish was turned into a game developing company in 2001.

The company subsequently has grown by 25 people with over 98% of its employees touting academic degrees. The strong educational background of Bongfish’s core leadership and development staff blends with the company’s focus on a high tech approach to game development: find technical areas to excel and craft game play experiences that leverage off these technical strengths.

Before getting into games the company's original founders Klaus Hufnagl & Michael Putz (photo) started Bongfish as a label for multimedia productions and created over 25 interactive CDROMs & websites and paving the way for the later successful production of interactive entertainment experiences.


Born and raised in a small village outside of Salzburg, Michael Putz made his first video game at the age of fourteen. He studied at the Graz University of Technology from 1993 – 2003. In 1999 he co-founded Bongfish with fellow student, Klaus Hufnagl-Abraham. Michael’s has a passion for action sports, which is evident in his games. He attributes the work of the demoscene, a computer art subculture, as his biggest influence.


Torin graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelors Degree in Japanese & East Asian Languages & Cultures. He worked at Sony from 2000 – 2007, before joining Microsoft as a Producer on the Xbox Live Arcade team. Torin is a huge fan of the Japanese arcade game, Virtual-On and since its release on Xbox, has ‘modded’ his own Virtual-On game controller. He has produced over 20 games to date.

Get ready to experience some seriously intense winter sports action from the comfort of your living room with Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for Xbox 360.

For more information on the features of the game, please visit www.redbullcrashedice.com/game. To download and purchase ‘Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect,’ please visit www.xboxlive.com.